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Hair Restoration in Salt Lake City, UT

Are you suffering from hair loss and searching for a Salt Lake City Hair Restoration doctor?  Many men and women interested in Salt Lake City Hair Transplants are traveling to Las Vegas for their hair restoration procedures.

Vegas Hair Transplants offers MAX DENSITY® FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant), FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), and FACIAL HAIR RESTORATION for eyebrows, goatees, beards, and side-burns. MAX DENSITY® is a trademarked procedure and is only offered by a few surgeons in the world.

Our ‘Board Certified’ surgeons guarantee world-class results! Our surgical team has worked together for more than 15 years, and our quality of work is unsurpassed.  We perform hair transplant procedures differently than our competitors.

We focus on one patient per day. On your day, you get all the attention.  We do not have multiple procedures going on in our office like some of the high-volume chop shop companies.  Our doctors use advanced surgical techniques, patented surgical tools, proprietary anesthesia and healing solutions that make the entire procedure experience a good one.

Take a look at Joe’s Before Photo and after 6 Months. He has 6 more months of hair growth before the process is finished!

Hair Restoration in Salt Lake CityHair Transplant in Salt Lake City

Jeff flew from Maui to Las Vegas for a MAX DENSITY® Procedure.  Check-out his Before Photo and 11 Months post-op. This is a one procedure result. He looks 20 years younger!

Hair Transplant Services Salt Lake

Vegas Hair Transplants offers Salt Lake City hair loss sufferers affordable hair loss solutions including prescription medications like Propecia (Finasteride), non-prescription medications like Rogaine (Minoxidil), and Low-Level-Laser Therapy (Laser Caps).

Often times hair transplant patients will search their local area for a hair transplant doctor. If you are searching for hair transplants in Salt Lake City, why not fly to Las Vegas instead?

Vegas Hair Transplants offers VIP service including a ‘Travel Allowance’ to pay for airfare, hotel, and transportation from the airport. After comparing the Salt Lake City hair transplant prices with what Vegas Hair Transplants has to offer, many patients fly to Vegas.

Why have a hair transplant procedure in Salt Lake City when you can fly to Vegas and get more hair in one procedure at an affordable hair transplant price?  You’ll get VIP Treatment and the most natural-looking, MAX DENSITY® hair transplant procedure possible.

We offer financing to our Salt Lake City Hair Transplants and our Patient Adviser; Lee Millard is available by a phone call or text at (702) 994-2133 if you have questions.  You can also email

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