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Regrowing Your Hair Becomes Easy with Hair Restoration in Reno

It hurts when we see our hair on the pillow, floor, and comb. But to some extent it is normal. The problem arises when we see more hair on the pillow, floor, and comb than on our head! This scenario becomes more dreadful than a horror movie. And to keep our bitter memory alive, people keep reminding us of what we are already going through … hair loss.

Hair loss is not the result of you being tough on your hair. Most of the time it’s hereditary, and it can be from your Mother or Father’s side of the family. Hair loss may also occur because of other reasons like stress, hormonal imbalance or general anesthesia from a surgical procedure. So, relax and stop blaming yourself. Some medications are also responsible for hair loss. Medicines that are used to treat arthritis, depression, cancers also result in hair loss. Whatever the reason for its occurrence, the stigma attached to it makes your life a living hell.

Hair transplant surgery is the only permanent solution for men and women who are fighting hair loss. A MAX DENSITY® Hair Transplant procedure is your best option if your goal is to restore your hair and manage your fight against hair loss.

At VHT, we work with world-class doctors in and around the Las Vegas area…teams that use use state-of-the-art tools and advanced surgical techniques to give you a natural-looking hair Loss Treatment. Our trademarked MAX DENSITY® hair transplant procedure offers patients more hair in one procedure than our competitors. MAX DENSITY® hair loss specialists offer patients in Reno the most trusted hair transplant brand to when it comes to regrowing your natural-looking hair.

So, make the short trip from Reno to Vegas to renew the previous you!

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